Cedar Mulch

Dawson Cedar Products specializes in cedar posts, used for fencing, guardrails, vineyards, and support for newly planted trees.  Dawson’s deals exclusively in eastern white cedar and, in addition to posts, have rough and dressed lumber for sale as well as mulch by the truck or trailer load.

Advantages of Cedar Mulch

There are many types of mulch. One of the most popular is cedar mulch. This type of mulch has many advantages when compared to other varieties. Some of these advantages include stability, nutrients, and its affect on insects. This article will discuss some of the advantages of using cedar mulch.


One of the first advantages of cedar mulch is its affect on insects. Many organic mulches harbor insects such as termites, roaches, and crickets. Cedar is a naturally aromatic material, so it helps to repel many types of insects. Most insects don’t like living in cedar mulch because of its fragrance. In addition to its affect on insects, this type of mulch also helps control the temperature.


Cedar mulch is a naturally light color. This helps control the air temperature around your plants. Cedar mulch protects your plants from extreme temperatures that affect the surrounding ground. This helps keep plants cool during the summer, while keeping them from freezing during the winter months.


Another advantage of cedar mulch is its stability. Bark mulch is bulkier and can easily be washed away by heavy rains. Cedar mulch is shredded into tiny bits unlike bark mulch. These tiny pieces will lock together and form a dense mat. This allows it to stay in place better when it is exposed to heavy wind and rain. Besides being more stable than other types, this mulch also helps control weeds better.


Cedar mulch is also a good choice to protect against weeds. This mulch suppresses weeds that are already growing by denying them access to sunlight. It also prevents the germination of seeds when it is applied deeply enough. As mentioned earlier, cedar mulch is naturally fragrant. This aroma also helps prevent weed germination.


One of the final advantages of cedar mulch is the nutrients they provide to plants. As you already know, the wood is shredded. This allows cedar mulch to decompose very quickly. When the mulch decomposes, it enriches the soil by supply organic matter to the soil.

These are some of the advantages of using cedar mulch. It is naturally aromatic, so most insects won’t like living in the area. Cedar mulch is also shredded into tiny pieces that lock together, so they will stay in place better when it is exposed to heavy wind and rain. This type of mulch also decomposes very quickly to provide the soil with vital nutrients.